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To install the library in a development environment use the following steps.
  1. Download and install your favorite .NET Development Environment
    1. Visual Studio (This is what I use). The Free Express Editions
    2. .NET 2.0 SDK and Notepad
    3. Note: I use Visual Studio Team Suite Edition to build the Pegasus Library. This version of VS support all the Testing project types. If you are using the Professional or Express editions of VS 2005 they do not support the Test project types. When loading the Pegasus Solution file you will receive an error "The project type is not supported by this installation." for the unit test projects.
  2. Download the lastest release of the Pegasus Library
  3. Unzip the files to your local hard drive.
  4. Add a reference to the library in your development environment
    1. Visual Studio Example

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