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Library Overview

The Pegasus Library was orgianlly written using C# and .NET 1.0. As new releases of the .NET library has been made available I have updated the library to stay current with lastest version. For the first release here on CodePlex I have removed most of the 1.x compatible code and have desided to only support .NET 2.0 platforms.

Note: As with most open source products the documenatation tends to be a bit sparse. I will try over the next months to extend the online documenation with samples and tutorials for the verious classes and namespaces within the library. The best (and most up-to-date) description will alway be in the code itself and the unit tests.

Namespaces: The library namespace is laid out similarly to the .NET System namespace. Classes dealing with collection are found in the Pegasus.Collections, network classes in the Pegasus.Net namespace, debug and diagnostics classes in the Pegasus.Diagnostics, etc… Additional namespaces have also be added that contain new functionality, like the Pegasus.Workflow.Service which add a set of simple state workflow classes.

Class Names: The classes with in the library have a basic nameing convention that may help you find specific functionality.
  1. <Class>Ex Classes: Classes that extend another class or extend a System class have a postfix of Ex.
  2. <Class>Helper Classes: In some cases classes within the System namespace are "sealled" and are not allowed to be extended. Additional functionality is provided through a class with the postfix name of Helper. Some Helper classes are also designed as static classes to add functionality where exteneding the orginal class does not make simantic sense.
  3. <Class>: Where a whole new class has been added I just made up the name and tried to have it make sense.

<TBD: List out the verouse namespaces and descriptions>

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